Freshest Pizzas Made From Scratch

At Furnace Pizza, we make our pizzas onsite at your location ensuring that every pizza served is literally fresh out of the oven. We bring our own ovens and set up at your premises to make pizzas from scratch using our own pizza dough to deliver an exciting experience fit for any event.

Every Pizza Made With Love


We only use the best. Our freshest ingredients are sourced from all over the world.


Our dough is made from our own secret
recipe that has been refined over time and takes 3 days to make.


We bring our ovens to your event to make pizzas on-site. Your pizzas are guaranteed to be fresh every single time.

Experience Your First Furnace Pizza

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The Furnace Experience

As part of the Furnace experience, our Pizzaiolo (Noun, plural: pizzaiolos or pizzaioli) will bring a full kitchen set up to be able to make our signature pizzas on-site. This includes all cooking equipment and our own gas supply for our oven. We will require a water point at the premises for cleaning up after the event. During the event, guests can order any pizza on the menu and our highly qualified pizza chefs will be able to make these pizzas on demand, piping hot and fresh out of the oven.

Sunday roast

Sunday roast

Sunday roast
Corporate Events

Under our parent group, we have worked with major brands such as AirBNB, Apple and Razer. It is in our brand DNA to deliver a consistently great experience to our customers. Every single time.

Sunday roast
Sunday roast
Sunday roast

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